History and Vision

Due to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, the Belize Central Prison has upgraded its facilities to provide humble accommodations, educational and learning centers, meeting facilities and spiritual centers, including a radio station.

Kolbe Foundation is a private, non-profit organization formed by a group of concerned Rotarians in 2002. With the support and approval of the Government of Belize, Kolbe was given the opportunity of reform the prison system in Belize.

The Foundation’s approach is unorthodox. It once was said that Kolbe had the chance to write a new chapter in the book on a successful prison. This was changed to the opinion that Kolbe could write the book, not just a chapter.

The Foundation is made up of a board of Directors, primarily drawn from the Belize City Rotary Club. The Board brings a myriad of skills to the task: accounting, engineering, construction, military, corporate management and tourism. Plus they offer a wealth of worldly experience and, even more important, common sense.

At the heart of this group, is a vision to provide a secure, humane facility that is geared towards meaningful rehabilitation and successful reintegration.

After seven years of effort, there have been positive changes within the entire system – inmates and staff, attitudes and physical environment. Success has been achieved largely because of God’s presence, and because of collaboration and cooperation from various organizations, government and most importantly, its staff. Kolbe employs over 200 security officers and a little over 80 civilians and as a team, with the direction of the Board of Directors, instills the values of rehabilitation through a variety of education and rehab programs.

All inmates, except for a limited few, eventually will return to society. And who walks back into society? An individual who has been given the opportunity to change, to rehabilitate and one who had the chance transform his or her life. But Kolbe can only do a third of the rehabilitation, society and the family, much see this process through.