Kolbe encourages social research, interviews, and filming of the Belize Central Prison in a manner that respects the rights of the inmates, officers, and staff, while upholding the integrity of the Prison and the management of the Kolbe Foundation. PREREQUSITES FOR RESEARCH/INTERVIEWS/FILMING (All must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer at least 3-weeks before the date of the actual interview/filming) A request letter must be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, clearly and comprehensively justifying the purpose and intent of the interview/documentary. The request must also state the names of person (s), agencies, organizations etc. to which the interview/documentary will be distributed or supplied, and detailed schedule for filming. Completed Film Application Form and signed Agreement Form. The name(s), contact number(s), Social Security number, position(s) of all persons to accompany you inside the institution must be submitted. A certified letter must be sent from the institution to which you are attached (especially for students) Copy of your Research Proposal/Project Proposal Copy of your Research Instruments e.g. Questionnaire/Interview schedule

Copy of Consent Form: A written informed consent shall be signed by all participants. This should clearly explain the research, giving reason and stating the source. The potential risks and tasks to be performed should be stated. State that participation is voluntary and will not impact on their length of sentence and finally they can withdraw at any point without consequences

Filiming & Documentaries

There is only one prison in the Belize - the Belize Central Prison. It houses all convicted individuals - male, female and youths. The prison sits on 225 acres of land located at mile 2 on the Burrel Boom Road. It is considered a part of the village of Hattieville. The Belize Central Prison is 17 miles from Belize City and 6 miles from the Burrel Boom village. There is no public transportation that covers the two miles from the Western Highway. There are however, a fairly reliable taxi system that would charge on aveage $3/person from the Highway to the Prison. Quite a few people do the two mile walk and find it surprisingly enjoyable. The main fence around the prison facility is one mile in circumference. The prison utilizes 150 acres of its land

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