Kolbe Foundation is the first of its kind: a non-profit, non-government organization managing the prison system of Belize with a unique approach of rehabilitating each inmate

Kolbe Foundation is committed to ensuring inmates and their families a secure home and a fruitful life. By engaging the community, raising awareness, and building support, we can make more than a difference - we can change lives for the better.


Founded in 2002, Kolbe Foundation is an agency committed to lifting up the lives of every inmate. Since inception, we have built a fantastic network within the greater Belize City community, working together and pooling resources in order to help fulfill our mission. 

The results are changed mindsets, productive livelihoods, and reduced crime.

All prisoners, through rigorous proven methods, are ultimately provided with things they never had before: counseling, education, hope… and a fighting chance.

Kolbe believes that it's better for society, an inmate released who has been through life-changing programs, than one who would have been criminally smarter. Prison has a captured audience, rather than sit in a cell doing nothing, inmates have the opportunity to participate in Programs that can genuinely change their lives.

Board of Directors and Management

Kolbe Board of Directors and Management Team
Kolbe is led by a board of directors and management team who all sincerely believe in the cause and executing a new model for prison management.  Our team believes that the answer to addressing the challenges in our society is thinking outside of the box, addressing the behavioral and cultural problems at the root, and make effective changes.